Spa Treatments

Spa Resorts Mexico City

We offer unique facials and massages designed to counter the effects of jet lag; the spa at the Marquis Reforma Hotel has a wide selection of treatments that will make you feel like never before. If you have any questions about our treatments, please consult our welcoming and expert staff.


Massage treatments create a harmony between body and soul, reactivate your energy and promote natural wellness.


Ancient wisdom in the form of essential oils extracted from flowers and herbs harmonize your personal energy. The oils applied generate a sensation of relaxation and reestablish the balance between body, mind and soul.

Anti-Stress Massage

This massage entails long, soft movements to relax your muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a combination of a Swedish massage, pressure on energy points and deep circular movements that help release toxins and aid chronic muscular tension.

Hot Stone Massage

This traditional therapy with stones promotes the balance and harmony that can be found in the basic elements of life: earth, air, fire, water and wood. Our spa therapists use river stones and give a deep tissue massage using revitalizing essential oils from herbs. 

Thai Massage

This massage will help you find natural balance. Rhythmic and static pressure, together with controlled stretching, increase mobility, flexibility and vital energy and reduce the chances of joint injury, releasing tension generated by stress and harmonizing subtle aspects of the human body.

Facial Treatments

 Let our therapists use their experience and knowledge to recommend you the facial that best suits your needs.


This stimulating treatment was designed specifically for men’s skin and is aimed at countering the effects of bags under the eyes, daily shaving, stress and a busy way of life which result in dull and lifeless skin. This exclusive combination of highly efficient products adapts to the needs of each skin type while comforting massages of the scalp, neck and shoulders will take you to a state of deep relaxation.


This is an intensive cleansing protocol. The final touch is a moisturizing mask that brings a radiant and shining look.


It has an anti-stress action and brings back a naturally shining look to your skin.

Body Treatments

Enjoy aromas and sensations that will help you to recover your personal energy.

We offer a wide variety of additional body treatments: please don’t hesitate to ask us to make suggestions.

Egyptian Bath

This is a splendid ritual that will help you hydrate and soften your skin; give yourself an authentic bath that, thanks to the bubbles, becomes a silky foam that will take you to a new world of sensations, while releasing a delicate fragrance in the air, adding peace and wellbeing to the experience. This is an authentic wellbeing experience, a classic beauty care therapy.

Diamond Magnetic Ritual

This is a unique and luxurious experience that will help you eliminate the stress caused by our day to day life. The treatment begins by balancing your chakras with gems, followed by an application of clay shining with diamond dust combined with a massage and stretching.


Pamper your skin with stimulating nutrients. The CITRIC INFUSION is an ideal body treatment for skins damaged by the sun or by the free radicals in our environment. The natural ingredients protect your dry skin by hydrating it.

Tired Legs

After a light exfoliation, a refreshing gel is applied to the skin with a specific massage. The sensation of lightness will stay with you all day.