Hotel Privacy Policies

Please find the official policies for Marquis Reforma Hotel & Spa below. 

Privacy Policy

1. Responsible Entity Concerning Processing Of Personal Data

Promociones Río Plata, S. A. de C. V. is the company responsible (hereafter: the “Responsible”) concerning the processing of personal data, which are collected and handled by Marquis Reforma, Hotel & SPA Ciudad de México. For the Responsible, the handling of your data in a legitimate way is a priority. This Notice of Privacy complements any other simplified notices of privacy that our business may have made available to you, and is supplemental in all those issues that were not expressly referred in said notices. This Notice of Privacy is also applicable if you carried out your registration through our web site.

2. Personal Data Department:

Address: Paseo de la Reforma No. 465
Colonia Cuauhtémoc
Delegación Cuauhtémoc
C. P. 06500
Mexico City, Mexico
Phones: +52 (55) 52 29 12 00, +52 (55) 52 29 12 00

  • To book rooms and/or lodging in the hotel;
  • To follow up and grant attention to booking of clients/ guests;
  • To confirm bookings;
  • For marketing, advertising and commercial prospecting purposes, all of which may include to send you promotions and discounts that we may consider of your interest; and
  • To make a follow up and grant attention to requirements of our clients, among other purposes.
  • To know if it is required to grant special attention to people with disabilities or if they have specific needs in food.
  • Concerning our spa: to know the physical conditions of patients, so we can select the treatment to be granted
  • Concerning our fitness center: to customize training programs for our guests -to be elaborated by our trainer staff- so said personnel may take into consideration the diseases or injuries that users may have gone through.
  • Concerning our concierge service: the aim is that our organization has sufficient data to carry out bookings of tours or restaurants outside of our company.
  • In case of people that visit our facilities, by any reason, so we can grant to users the access to such facilities; to keep a log of visitors that enter our facilities and guarantee the safety of the staff, clients and visitors.

3. Purpose Of Processing Personal Data

In this act, the Responsible collects your data for the following purposes:

4. Personal Data We Collect

For such abovementioned purposes, we may collect your personal data in several ways. We usually collect your data when you provide them to us in a direct manner, that is, in our hotels or throughout some of our business partners that manage our hotels. Sometimes we get your data in an indirect manner, by means of other sources that are allowed by Law.

We collect your personal data in a direct way when you provide them by yourself, by phone to our booking department or any other department, and/or in our web site. The data we may get from you could be, amongst others: Name, address, nationality phone number, e-mail, date of stay, amount of people and/or underage that will lodge in the hotel, quantity of rooms you may occupy; if applicable, the company you work for and, the travel agency, if applicable, among some other data.

5. Sensitive, Financial And Patrimonial Personal Data We Collect

5.1 Sensitive data: The Responsible does not collect sensitive personal data for check in and registration purposes. However, there are certain services within our hotels to which you may have access only if you consent in providing us the sensitive data we may ask. If you use our Spa and Fitness Center services, our staff will ask you to fill in an application form in which you have to provide personal data that may disclose aspects of your health status, present or future. Among such data it can be found: diseases, injuries or surgeries you have gone through; information about the medical treatments you are receiving at that moment; if you have a pacemaker; if you are pregnant or not, among many other data. Your data will be processed only for the purposes described in this Notice of Privacy.

5.2 Financial and patrimonial data. Our company collects from you the financial and patrimonial data which are necessary for the juridical obligations derived from the lodging contract. Among such data there are: the type and number of your credit card, its security code and expiration date; we could also ask the photocopy of your credit card. These data are collected for booking purposes or payment of our services. Sometimes said data may also be collected by our concierge service in order to make the bookings you may have requested in restaurants or with tour operators.

According to provisions stated in article 9 of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (“The Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data (which are) in Possession of Individuals”), when the Responsible collects from you such sensitive data, it will be asked to you to give your express consent for the processing of these data, reason why we may ask you at that time, if you accept or not to said processing, by stamping your signature in the electronic or printed application form we have implemented for such effects or, in any other case, by stamping your signature in this document.

6. Use Of Cookies And Web Beacons

We inform you that we do not collect personal data by means of Cookies or Web Beacons, or by means of other technologies, to get personal information from you, which would be such as the following:

  • Your type of browser and operative system.
  • The web sites you may visit.
  • The links you may follow.
  • The IP address.
  • The web site you visited prior to ours.

7. Options And Means To Limit The Use And Disclosure Of Personal Data

You can stop receiving e-mails, printed messages, phone calls to land lines or mobiles by requesting this to our Personal Data Department.

8. Means To Exercise The Rights You Have Concerning Access, Rectification, Cancellation Or Opposition.

You have the right to access to the personal data we have and to the details when we process them, as well as the right to rectify them in case those are inexact or incomplete; the right to cancel them when they seem excessive or unnecessary for the purposes that justified its obtention, or you may oppose to the processing of the data for specific goals. 

The mechanisms that have been implemented so you may exercise abovementioned rights are by presentation of the respective request, addressed to our Personal Data Department, or you may appear at the address of said department, or by means of sending an e-mail to the previously stated address. You may download the application form from our web site, in the following tab [] 

For further information, please contact the Personal Data Department, at abovementioned e-mail address.

9. Mechanisms And Procedures In Case The Holder Wanted To Revoke His/Her Consent, At Any Time

At any time of data processing you may revoke the consent you previously granted to process your data. For this, it is necessary that you contact the Data Protection Department, where it will be pointed out the procedure you have to follow in order you may revoke your consent.

10. Persona Data Transfer Within Mexico And Abroad

Your personal data may be transferred and processed within and outside the country by anyone other than the company. We share your data with any of our subsidiaries and affiliates. Your data are protected since our subsidiaries and affiliates shall work under the same Protection of Personal Data Policy. 

We commit to not transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as otherwise provided in article 37, Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, as well as to perform such transfer according to terms stated in said law. In this way, it is necessary then that you let us know if you give your consent, or not, for said data transfer.

11. Safety Measures Implemented

For the protection of your personal data, we have implemented administrative, physical and technical safety measures, all with the purpose to avoid losses, misuse or alteration of your information. 

When we communicate or share your information with the third parties that render us a service, we request them and verify that they have the necessary safety measures in order to protect your personal data, so we prohibit the use of your personal information for purposes different of the intended; in virtue of which, notwithstanding the foregoing, any breach of provisions stated in the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals and its Regulations, carried out by any such third parties, is the exclusive responsibility of said third parties.

12. Amendments To Notice Of Privacy

We reserve the right to perform amendments or updates, at any time, to the notice of privacy. 

Said amendments shall be available to public through the following: (i) visible notices at our hotels or in our offices, or; (ii) leaflets or brochures, available at our hotels or in our offices, or; (iii) in our web site; (iv) or we can make them available to you by e-mail, to the last recorded address you gave to us.

13. The Right To Promote The Procedures For The Protection Of Rights And Verification That Authenticates The Institute

You may address any complaints or request for further information concerning the processing of your personal data, or any doubts about the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, or its regulations, to the IFAI [the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information, for its acronym in Spanish]. For further information, please visit the following website