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A girl doing yoga in the morning at Marquis Reforma

Importance of wellness in today´s world

Give yourself a break and take care of your mind & body.

Today more than ever it is important to achieve a balance between physical, mental and emotional health to obtain optimal wellness; therefore we will reach positive outcome in our social and work life, we will have more energy and vitality. This is the importance of giving us time for a break to pamper ourselves and soothe the soul.

August is the month of wellness and this time it focuses on selfcare, which is divided into physical, psychological, emotional,  and spiritual. It´s of great importance to dedicate time to take care of your well-being, so pause the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find a moment for your health. 

Investing in your wellness doesn't have to cost a fortune, a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, dedicating minutes to some physical activities are key to get you started in taking care of your wellness. We are not talking about complex exercise routines but simple steps that you can do in your room or as simple as stretching and breathing work. Another fundamental idea of personal care is emotional health. To balance this aspect you can go to therapies, practice yoga or meditation, these are some practices to work the inner self. 

As for the professional aspect, taking simple decisions such as not taking work home, respecting your work hours and dedicating your full lunch hour are small steps that will make a big difference in your mood. It is necessary to take a break from time to time to compensate for all the hustle and stress that we encounter every day, the consequences of stress are insomnia, depression, headaches and irritability.

Spas are great allies to achieve wellness, they can isolate yourself from the outside, you will have space to forget the stress and focus on your own body, while relaxing the body the mind also relaxes and ailments disappear. When you receive a treatment, the feeling of wellness will be reflected on the bodyand results are immediate.

Visiting a spa is the fastest  way to relax your muscles and release all tension, with the vast offer of massages you can achieve a number of benefits, but certainly all are in favor of your body and well-being, depending on the massage you will have results such as good blood circulation, other treatments are anti-inflammatory or they promote good digestion and improve your metabolism.

It is vital that you take a break and dedicate time to your physical and mental health, spas are the best places to go and receive treatments and rituals to improve your quality of life, you will see that the benefits are not only for the body but also for the mind.

Pamper and inspire yourself, basic things as dancing and singing are fundamental to take care of the spiritual part of selfcare. Nurture all these areas will help to reload, it is proven that on a psychological level, improving your well-being increases body energy, increases self-esteem and encourages a good mood. 

The mind and body are only one, you must work them together so you can reach a complete state of wellness.