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The angel of independence monument near Marquis Reforma


Discover everything you can do on Paseo de la Reforma, a street with plenty of activities, culture, gastronomy and more.

According to an international survey made by Time Out among food and entertainment experts, Paseo de la Reforma Avenue ranked within the best streets in the world, thanks to the cultural and gastronomic offer that you can find in its more than 14 kilometers. On Paseo de la Reforma you can find everything you need for a pleasure trip: bars, restaurants, shopping malls and the best museums the city has to offer.

The avenue, which is connected from end to end by a bicycle path, starts at Juárez Avenue in the historic center of the city, where you can take a trip back in time to the 19th century and enjoy the neoclassical architecture of the Porfiriato period, such as the emblematic Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts).

 Paseo de la Reforma serves as the main artery that connects the neighborhoods with the best gastronomic offers such as Condesa and Polanco, on the same avenue and the surrounding streets you will find a variety of restaurants from authentic Japanese food to the most delicious Street food.

Reforma is home to a series of historical and artistic monuments such as the Angel of Independence, the Diana Cazadora, the monument to Cuauhtémoc, the famous Caballito de Reforma among others, which will make walking it a fruitful adventure. At the other end of Paseo de la Reforma you will find an escape from the city, dive into the Chapultepec Forest also known as the lung of Mexico City, a space of 678 hectares full of nature, the same forest houses the iconic Chapultepec Castle.

In front of the castle you will find the world renowned museums; the National Museum of Anthropology, which houses the history of Mexican culture, the Rufino Tamayo Museum and the Museum of Modern Art where you will find a collection of the best avant-garde works of the twentieth century.


To close the tour of the avenue you will find Polanco and the most exclusive places to enjoy the nightlife, bars, rooftops with incredible views, theaters and of course one of the best places to enjoy a show in the world; the Auditorio Nacional, a venue that has hosted from opera to the best rock shows.

As Time Out indicates, within Paseo de la Reforma you will find everything you need to make your trip a complete experience in every way, you can walk it step by step or ride it completely on the bike path and enjoy in detail everything it has to offer.