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The Origin of “Chile en Nogada”

Do you know the story behind this emblematic Mexican dish? Let´s find out.

As Mexican cuisine is full of tasty dishes, it is believed to be one of the most cultural-rich and sophisticated culinary-arts worldwide. Even though most Mexican meals were originated during the Pre-Hispanic era, there is one that is nationally renowned for being exclusively prepared for Mexican Independence, Chile en Nogada. This is a Poblano-chili pepper filled with picadillo (a mixture usually containing shredded meat, aromatics, fruits and spices) topped with a walnut-based cream sauce, called nogada, pomegranate seeds and parsley.

What’s the story behind Chile en Nogada?

Moreover, the delicious taste it has, Chile en Nogada has a great story behind them. They were created at the very beginning of Mexico’s independent life. After having signed the Declaration of Independence, Agustin de Iturbide, former constitutional Emperor of Mexico after the Independence, traveled to Puebla to join the religious festivities of Saint Augustine as a sign of gratitude. As soon as he arrived, the villager welcomed him with flowers and decorations which represents the Flag of the Independence Army.

After religious service, Iturbide was invited to a feast where all the nuns in town served the most delicious Mexican dishes. Augustinian nuns. who lived at Santa Monica convent, were asked to prepare a unique dessert for the occasion. After thinking so much, they came up with the idea of covering a filled Poblano-pepper with a white nut sauce and decorated it with the red seeds of a pomegranate. This dish that started as a dessert was transformed over the time until it became a very popular main dish when people started to change the filling replacing the fruits with meat.

This way, Chile en Nogada became not just the most famous meal in Mexican history but also a dish that shows the proudness of being Mexican. Los Canarios Restaurant in Marquis Reforma has been distinguished for preparing one of the most delicious Chiles in Nogada of Mexico City. If you have not tried them yet, this is the perfect time to make a reservation and enjoy this dish with a glass of wine or a traditional “Paloma”.