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Relax, Refresh and Replenish

Consistently acclaimed among the best spas in Mexico City, experience the exquisite blend of luxury and service. Relax, refresh and replenish in this 16,000-square-foot, light-filled oasis. It features every amenity necessary to inspire your senses and help you restore balance to your body, mind and soul. Immerse yourself in a hydrotherapy bubbly tub, get rejuvenated under the Swiss shower or revitalize your body and mind with a holistic therapy. 

  • Massages

    90 min

    $3900 MXN

    We love to serve you

    Free choice technique that can combine different kinds of massage (hot stone massage, relaxing, anti-stress, deep tissue or sport massage, lymphatic drainage or reflexology) focused on the particular needs of each person.


    90 min

    $ 3700 MXN

    Say goodbye to stress

    This massage is characterized by large movements with medium pressure that relax muscles and stimulate lymphatic and circulatory system. Ideal for counteracting digestive problems, headaches, anxiety, insomnia and irritability.

    The time for the massage is recommended upon height and body complexion.


    60 min

    $ 2800 MXN

    A combination of Swedish massage, acupressure and deep circular movements which favors the release of toxins and chronic muscle tension. *This massage can be painful depending on your muscle contractions (The time for the massage is recommended upon height and body complexion)

  • Facials

    90 min

    $ 4200 MXN

    The Art of Rejuvenate

    Prodigious and exclusive facial ritual that brings an "elixir of youth for skin" achieving unprecedented that fights the signs of aging through regulation of the biomarkers of the age of the skin by combining with specific massage techniques.

    ***Not recommended for claustrophobic people***


    75 min

    $ 3900 MXN

    The non-invasive wrinkle relaxing solution

    LA ALTERNATIVA treatment uses NATURA BISSÉ’s exclusive INHIBIT COLLECTION, which is a sophisticated alternative to most injectable treatments. Due to targeted ingredients, this line dramatically helps reducing expression lines and wrinkles, leaving the face smooth and rejuvenated. INHIBIT is the first anti-wrinkle treatment formulated with NATURA BISSÉ’s own Octamioxyl ingredient, which is the most effective inhibitor of facial contractions, and a Lipofiller complex to fill existing deep wrinkles and expression lines.

    ***Not recommended for claustrophobic people***


    60 min

    $ 3100 MXN

    Do something good for your skin

    Give it a boost of energy with 100% pure Vitamin C. This anti-oxidant treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging. A reparative serum, containing a high concentration of Vitamin C, is formulated to improve appearance and stimulate collagen production to renew skin’s firmness. CITRUS-A-PEEL provides an extraordinary experience for your skin by drenching it with essential vitamins and nutrients. Skin will emerge nourished and revitalized.

    ***Not recommended for people with acne***